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Alex Tutterow
"I have been using the Bremar hat rack for about a month now. I cant say how pleased I am with the product. As most police officers do, I have a ton of stuff in my car. Up until now I have never found a way to store my hat so that it is both convenient to access and out of the way. The customer service provided by Edmond Van Bever and the Bremar team was top notch. One of the officers on my shift had trouble fitting his rack in due to an improperly installed cage. Bremar had the problem solved over night and provided the accessories needed to fit the rack properly at no cost to the officer. If your department requires you to wear hats then this product is a must have. Thanks Edmond and Bremar."

A. Dekker
"I bought the Hat Rack from Bremar Police Solutions as soon as I first heard about it. Being a police officer for 16 years, one of the biggest nuisances I have come across is storing my hat in my patrol car. I was going through hats like crazy because they were always getting warped and damaged. Now that I have the Hat Rack, it is easily kept above my head, it does not get in my way any more, and when my Lieutenant throws a civilian in my passenger seat, I don't have to go to my trunk to get it out every time. Now that I have it, I can't imagine coming to work without it. I love it!! Thank You Bremar Police Solutions!!!"

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